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Need help writing your personal statement essay for college?

Ms. Stanley will be offering Personal Statement Writing Workshops on Thursdays 3-4pm in the Media Center beginning Thursday April 23rd.

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Practice for your SBAC exam!

Wanna know what the SBAC test will be like?  

Here are a couple of resources: 

1.  CAASPP online practice tests- Practice on the CAASPP website.  Log in as a guest and explore a practice Math Test, ELA Test and Math and ELA Performance Tasks

2.  USA Test Prep- Practice English I, II, and III Common Core tests and Integrated Math I, II and III Common Core tests as well as practice Performance tasks.  Here's the log in information you need:

Account ID: vikings81

Username: Firstname.Lastname

Password: ID #


AP Test Prep online

Panicking about your upcoming AP Exams!  Don't worry.  SHMOOP can help!  

Click here to check out what the available resources on Shmoop.com.  

Talk to your AP teacher about Shmoop and get the classroom code you need to gain access to practice AP tests and helpful videos.

Google & Schoolloop Help

MLA Help

Need Help with Math and Science Homework?

Call the Havey Mudd College Homework Hotline!

Call 1-877-827-5462 from 6-9pm Sunday-Thursday

You will receive FREE over-the-phone math and science tutoring from a Harvey Mudd College student.